Why is an Organic Lawn Important?

Lawns are places of absolute beauty. The lush color of green, the sweet smell and aroma, the feel of the blades rubbing against our feet in the summer, our lawns are our places of rest and comfort, our childrens playground, and our pets saving grace. Lawns are also integral to the life of many beneficial insects and soil microbes. In each handful of soil there are over 1 billion living organisms. Grass is truly amazing and quite resilient to everyday stresses. Grass is common to almost every household front and back, and sweeps across America like a giant green carpet.

So why are chemicals not the answer?

Recent research has shown the toxic effects everyday lawn chemicals have on our health and our environment. It is said that over 67 million pounds of pesticides are used on lawns each year, which has a drastically negative impact on all living things. Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides all have one thing in common, the root word "cide" (which means to kill). These toxic products kill all of the beneficial biology in our soils, keeping our grass in a constant state of decline.

Although it may look green and healthy on the outside, in reality grass becomes chemically dependent, extremely unbalanced, and is a constant hazard to be on or around. Through a return to a more natural system, one which promotes life and biodiversity, we are able to have truly beautiful lawns, worry free!

M&A Organic's Basic Five Step Organic Lawn Care Program
Soil Testing
Use of Compost Tea Sprays
Top Dressing with Compost for Organic Matter
Use of Natural and Organic Products and Fertilizer
Aggressive Seeding and Over-seeding

- These are just our recommendations for a basic lawn care program. We offer many different packages and work with Soil Food Web NY Inc. one of the best testing facilities in the nation). We offer comprehensive soil testing and analysis to help you achieve the desired result for your lawn.


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